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General Information

Q: What is Virtual Web Hosting?

A: Virtual Web Hosting allows you to have a web presence with the address "". This allows visitors to come to your site using your domain name, rather than the domain name of an "ISP" with your name afterward. This in itself creates a more professional presentation of your site, thus allowing small companies a chance to have the same presence as large corporations. No one ever needs to know that your not running the site on your own servers.

Q: What is a server?

A: A server (defined for our purposes) is a computer that is connected to the Internet with a dedicated connection and is online 24 x 7 that is capable of serving web pages or e-mail. In order to have a web presence and receive e-mail, you need to have a server and since people can view your web site or send you e-mail from all anywhere in the world at anytime day or night, it needs to be connected to the Internet 24 x 7. Many companies and individuals do not wish the expense of getting a dedicated connection, setting up and maintaining a server, along with having at least one administrator to oversee the servers operation. That's where we come in. You are essentially renting space on our servers, leaving the connection and maintenance to us, which is a much more practical and cost effective solution.

Q: How about E-mail service?

A: All Virtual Web Hosting accounts come with e-mail. The number of e-mail accounts is dependent on the virtual hosting package you purchased. In any case, additional e-mail accounts can always be purchased to meet your needs. All e-mail accounts feature your domain name (, you are no longer stuck with using another ISP's domain name for your e-mail. Should you choose to move sometime in the future, your domain name can move with you, thus you will no longer have to change e-mail addresses when you change ISP's.

Q: What's this about a domain name?

A: Computers love to communicate with other computers by using numbers, but people relate better to names. Domain names are meant more as a user friendly interface for accessing a web site. When you type in a domain name, a Domain Name Server (DNS) looks up the domain name and translates it to an IP address automatically so your computer knows where to find that web site. This is a bit over simplified but should give you the general idea. Many companies also use their trade names as domain names, thus furthering their corporate identity and also making it easier to find their web site. By using a domain name, you can also further your corporate or product identity. A domain name can also help people associate that name with your business, hopefully enabling you to further your business.

Q: How do I get a domain name?

A: We can register a domain name for you when you sign up for either a Virtual Hosting account or our Park Holder Domain Parking Service. The registration authority in the U.S. is the InterNIC which takes care of ".com", ".net" and ".org" (".edu", ".gov", ".mil" are reserved for the appropriate agencies). The current cost is $70 for the first two years and $35 per year thereafter. You will receive a separate bill from the InterNIC for your domain name.

Q: What about Internet access?

A: We do not offer Internet access, you will need to get that service from a local or national ISP. We have found that by specializing in Virtual Web Hosting and Web Design, we are able to concentrate our efforts in one area thereby offering what we feel is a very high quality service. Other companies may try to every service imaginable. When a company spreads itself out like that, we feel you will find they tend not to excel in any one service.

Q: How do I get my files onto the server?

A: You upload the files to the server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).  The two most popular FTP programs are Fetch for Macintosh and WS_FTP for Windows.

Q: Can I change to a larger or smaller Virtual Hosting Account?

A: Yes you can change at any time.  You will incur the set-up fee for the new plan.

Q: What about Billing and Payment Methods?

A: Our minimum billing period is every 3 months (quarterly).  You can however save 10% off your monthly hosting fee if you prepay yearly.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express.

For the quickest response, please submit your question via e-mail to: and remember to include your "Domain Name" and "Username".  This allows us to quickly pull up your account which will expedite the response to your questions.


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